Due to the lack of interest and general complaints, I have decided to rollback the map to Evocity, of which there ARE a few changes, and are listed below.

- Zombies back down to 40 per sector.
- Loot spawns revamped.
- Anti-Safezone camping measure integrated.
- Aesthetic props, and campfire at safezone.
- Jail is now irradiated. Good loot area, however irradiated.

Hey guys, we've been working hard on moving to a different map, and it's finally done!

This map has been catered towards a post-apocalyptic feel, and items are more rare.

There are many changes of which include;

- New Zombies
- Max Zombies upped from 30 to 200. (HAHA GOOD LUCK OUT THERE)
- New Areas for loot
- Caves
- Mine-able Rocks / Trees
- More things to kill you
- Radiation
- Thirst/Hunger now required to regenerate stamina
- Day/Night cycle
- Smaller safezone
- Antlions
- Optimized...