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    ✖Steam name: Shad0w

    ✖Steam Identity Number : STEAM_0:0:19628308

    First name: Toma
    ✖ Your age: 19
    ✖Do you have a microphone: Affirmative

    ✖Do you have Teamspeak 3: Yes.

    ✖Hours spent in-game on GarrysMod: 110 hrs on record + 150 more on the old account.

    ✖What you can bring to the GmodDayZ team: From my old knowledge in Gmod i have a pretty solid base of information about Gmod in general, as well as the Gmod system, along with the construction part that makes me think I am doing a great job at custom buildings, to sum it up, i can bring a good and positive air into the staff group, as well as ideas that the server can benefit from which I decide to keep for me until the time comes.

    ✖A brief summary of why you wish to join the team: I would like to join this administration team due the fact that in the last days I spent here i've seen that the staff is pretty noob-friendly with the players, helping them to understand the system as well as the rules, offering them a good time while on the server. Firstly I would like to join the team due the fact that I like this kind of Gmod addon named GmodDayz, making me feel pretty calm and chill me out when i play it.

    Secondly, I would like to join due the fact that atm Im starting my college year and there is not much to do around so my mind starts to make ideas again about this game which i oversaturated at one moment.

    ✖Your key points, negatives & positives: Mainly I am a friendly and calm person if people around me that need help comply and work with me to solve the problem, getting at a key solution for the problem, along with a calm and thinkful temper when the situation asks for it.

    As a negative, well, the oposite of what i said, i get pretty pissed when people dont decide to follow the instructions I tell them to follow and decide to make their own rules, violating the original way of them. Making me lose my patience pretty fast (like after 6-7 minutes of nonsenseless talk i get pretty frustrated because I don't have a decent minded person to talk with about the problem)

    ✖What is GmodDayZ all about: In my opinion this gamemode is about following the original DayZ game, the mode for Arma, gather resources, survive and mainly getting at a better spot in comparison with what you started. Gather weapons resources make connections with other players, know the environment and get to conquer a small place you can call your 'own"

    Additional details: Well, like I said, with the college knocking at the door, when the time comes I might get a little bit inactive in order to study for exams.

    Your grateful: Shad0w
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