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    As you know (Or not) VIP is global, across all servers, regardless of which server you buy for. This will not change.

    VIP Benefits (For each server) are as follows:

    VIP Benefits:

    GMod DayZ:
    • DriveBy's from Cars.
    • Ability to Fly helicopters.
    • 50% shorter FreshSpawn time.
    • 25% less TagTime (Safezone defence).
    • 25% less chance of a booby-trapped care package.
    • 25% less chance of sickness.
    • 10% less Zombie damage.
    • 25% XP Reduction on Death.
    • 25% chance that Zombies drop more money.
    • Ability to buy ammo from the Shop.
    • 1000 Credits on purchase.
    • Colored Rainbow Scoreboard name + Heart Icon.
    • Colored name in chat + Heart Icon.
    • +250 Bank Slots.
    GMod TTT:
    • Access to VIP Only Equipment.
    • Colored Scoreboard name + Heart Icon.
    • Colored name in chat + Heart Icon.
    • 25% extra health.
    • 5% faster recovery from Health Station.
    • Access to VIP only Pointshop Items.
    • 2x Vote Power on Map Votes.
    • 2x kill rewards.
    • 2x Points over time.
    • Access to VIP only Pointshop Items/Equipment.
    • 2x chance of something good from a crate.
    • 2x chance of something good from a logo drop.

    On Purchase Extras:
    • (GMod DayZ) 500 Credits on purchase.
    • (GMod TTT) 1 Crate Key on purchase.
    VIP+ Benefits:
    • Access to Kick admin command.
    • Access to Ban(Max 1 day) admin command.
    • Everything from the VIP packages.
    Note, please do not use your VIP+ commands while there are active admins on the server. Abuse of these commands may result in your VIP+ access becoming VIP without commands.
    Depending on the severity of the incident, you may have additional punishment. We do not want these to be abused.
    Just because you have the power to, does not mean you should.

    This also means you get entry into VIP only Events/Raffles/Servers - When hosted, of course!

    Purchase Permanent VIP
    Purchase Permanent VIP+

    Not buying for yourself? A Friend? Just enter their SteamID instead! Simple!

    Hopefully this should clear up a few issues that you guys have asked, and be more of a general FAQ, and you definitely know what you'll receive in future.

    Any suggestions for extra VIP/+ benefits? Post below! Please make sure said suggestion is feasible and not over-powered in any way.
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